Membership and Titles

Chase Hill Membership

Three requirements are paramount to our definition of membership:

  • The individual must want to join Chase Hill
  • The individual must be a regular participant in the community
  • The community must accept the individual as a part of itself


Attendants may ask to become members of Chase Hill Folk after attending six or more rituals. Any attendant must both express a desire to formally join the community, and also achieve the sponsorship of one member of the Chase Hill leadership. That sponsorship will be given solely on the basis of the community’s acceptance of the individual as a consistent part of itself.

Members are considered part of the Chase Hill community and may lead rituals with the permission of the Chase Hill leadership. In the appointment of a Goði, a unanimous vote of the membership must be achieved to confer the title. Only members may be granted permanent or temporary titles.

Inactive Members

Any member who does not attend ritual for a full year is considered an inactive member. When moving or relocating, a member may voluntarily choose to make their membership inactive if they know that they will no longer be able to participate in the community. Inactive members are no longer considered to have a vote until their membership is reactivated, and for any individuals with permanent titles, those titles are considered “emeritus” until their membership is reactivated as well. Membership can be reactivated by attending ritual and declaring intent to resume participation in the community.

Revoking Membership

Any member’s status as a part of Chase Hill Folk will be revoked if they become a disruptive community member. Any member may bring a complaint to Chase Hill’s leadership, requesting mediation. If the mediation is not able to resolve the issue, either member may ask the leadership to revoke membership. Any decision by the leadership on this matter may be challenged by requesting that it be brought before the community as a whole to be resolved. The community will then come to a decision by any means it chooses – perhaps hearing statements of both members and voting, decisions made by a 2/3 majority (excluding those members directly involved in the dispute).

An individual whose membership is revoked loses all rights of membership, as well as any titles given by the community. A member who has been so expelled must petition the leadership before attending any rituals in the future, and may not be considered for membership again within two years of their expulsion.


Chase Hill Titles

Chase Hill, as a community that holds regular group rituals, feasts and lore nights, has found it advantageous to bestow certain titles on those people who help to facilitate these events. When it is determined that a new title needs to be created, the leaders of Chase Hill have discussed precedents within our lore, general requirements for achieving the title that reflect also the achievements of the individual in question, and have spoken individually with each member of Chase Hill regarding the bestowal of said title.

Permanent Leadership Titles:

These titles are permanent – they apply both within and outside ritual, and are bestowed upon an individual for life barring the community’s revocation. They are leadership titles – they designate individuals who lead rituals, who teach, who witness community oaths, and who are recognized by the wider Heathen community as official representatives of the community as a whole.

Goði (Priest)

A title that indicates both ritual and community leadership, extensive knowledge of the tradition, and an instrumental role in the functioning of the Chase Hill community.

Blot-karl (Ritual Leader)

A title that bestows the official sanction of the community on an individual to lead Chase Hill rituals, witness official oaths, and the responsibility to keep and perpetuate the tradition of the community.

Permanent Advisor Titles:

These titles are permanent – they apply both within and outside ritual, and are bestowed upon an individual for life barring the community’s revocation. They are advisor titles – they represent individuals with a particular set of skills both mundane and spiritual that are valued in the execution of the community’s business, and they are advisors both within the community and to the leadership on matters regarding their expertise.

Harrowdis (Lady of the Altar)

A title of honor that recognizes an individual’s contribution to the physical/technical and spiritual support of ritual and care for Chase Hill’s sacred spaces.

Temporary Ritual Titles:

These titles are temporary – they apply only within ritual, and are nominated by the ritual leader for the duration of the ceremony. They are ritual titles – they designate important functionaries within the context of the ritual, and have duties and rights within ritual different from those of other participants.

Ealubora (Ale Bearer)

A title of honor used during rituals. In blot, the appointed ealubora cares for the communal offerings of drink, carries the horns during the godfulls and pours out the hlot-bowl to signify the end of the ritual. In symbel, the ealubora pours drinks for the assembled community and is the only participant other than the symbel leader who may speak out of turn during the ritual.

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