Chase Hill Values

Chase Hill Values

In asking the question – What is Chase Hill? – it is easy enough to respond: Chase Hill is a spiritual community that practices together in the Heathen tradition. The problem with this definition is that it does not distinguish our practice from that of any other Heathen community. Repeatedly in my work with the larger Heathen and Polytheistic communities, I hear comments on how different – and valuably so — our practice is from that of other groups. In an effort to quantify the core values that we espouse as a community, I found that I had to challenge myself to examine my own values in regards to Heathenry, and in regards to my leadership of this group. What follows is a brief summary of my own view on our community’s core mission and core values – those questions and goals that I find myself returning to each time I am asked to make a decision on behalf of the community as a whole.

–Trevor Wentworth, Goði

Chase Hill Mission

To practice Heathenry and to explore and promote our community’s unique tradition as it develops.

Chase Hill Values

Community – creating and nurturing a community both spiritual and social, maintaining a space that is both safe and welcoming, embracing community members regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, theology or political affiliation

Teaching – educating both the community and the public about Heathenry and the customs of our community, advocating for a safe and accepting Heathenry, advocating for a diversity of divergent customs and communities within Heathenry

Healing – healing spiritual, emotional and social wounds through ritual, healing individuals and communities, acknowledging the broken state of our culture and working toward reconciliation and growth, acknowledging our disconnect from nature and working toward an ecologically sustainable spiritual practice

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