2018 Rituals and Events

Our community generally holds ritual on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon of every other month in the Anglo-Saxon calendar.  Months between are reserved for various workshops, gatherings, and smaller rituals.  We also hold Chase Hill Work Days, which are an opportunity to give back to the land that we use for our celebrations; these include anything from brewing mead, to mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, or felling trees.  The following dates are currently scheduled for our upcoming events; all dates for rituals are subject to change.  If you are interested in attending a Chase Hill Ritual, please visit our Attending Ritual page and email us.

Geola (Yule – Double Month) – December 19th – February 15th

  • Wednesday, December 20th – Mother’s Night – Yule begins at sundown (no Chase Hill event)
  • Saturday, December 30th – Chase Hill Yule Ritual
  • Monday, January 1st – Yule ends at sundown (no Chase Hill event)
  • Satruday, February 3rd – No Event (Weekend of EarthSpirit’s Feast of Lights)

Solmonath (Cake Month) – February 16th – March 17th

  • Saturday, March 3rd – Aecerbot Ritual

Hrethmonath (Hrethe’s Month) – March 18th – April 15th

  • Saturday, March 31st – Event TBA

Eosturmonath (Eostre’s Month) – April 16th – May 15th

  • Saturday, April 28th – Eostreblot

Thrimilcemonath (Three-Milk Month) – May 16th – June 13th

Litha (Litha – Double Month) – June 14th – August 11th

  • Saturday, June 30th – Summer Solstice Ritual

Weodmonath (Vetch Month) – August 12th – September 9th

  • Saturday, August 25th – Harvest Ritual

Haligmonath (Holy Month) – September 10th – October 8th